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By sjefc on 6/3/2015 3:34:20 AM
Say hello to everyone
Hello, everyone. My name is sophie, 24 years old. I live in shanghai now. I have been shanghai for three years. I just graduated from univeristy and I got my master degree in chemistry. Now, I start my career pathway, I am a sales for selling chemical reagents. I like making friends with friendly people. If you want to be my friend for improving engilish, please contact me as soon as possible. My skype is wanyaosophia. QQ number is 19333044956.
By MMeiyo on 7/4/2015 12:17:18 AM
RE: Say hello to everyone
hello,i have been shanghai for one year.nice to meet you.
By pjin368 on 12/2/2015 8:55:50 AM
RE: Say hello to everyone
By wnvshic54 on 3/21/2017 2:05:32 AM
RE: Say hello to everyone
Hello, nice to meet you. I am a college student now. My major is architectural design. I live in Kunming. I will graduate after half a year.